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Academy Awards Post Mortem

It’s few days on and all the Oscar talk is disappearing from the media.

Of course, this is where I offer a few thoughts. So here goes:

Chris Rock – he’s done it again. Dealt with the #OscarsSoWhite issue magnificently.

Spectre – worst Bond song to win an award.

Jenny Beavan – not giving a shit about convention and letting her body of work do the talking.

Lady Gaga – such a powerful performance. Not a dry eye in the house and rightly so.

Mad Max: Fury Road – great to see the outsider win so many awards.

Dave Grohl – subdued performance which perfectly suited the In Memoriam section.

Leonardo Di Caprio – how to win an Oscar for grunting and frothing at the mouth.

Alicia Vikander – should have won for Ex Machina.

Beasts Of No Nation – criminally overlooked.

Brie Larson – you’re welcome.