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How I Watch Movies

Disclaimer: I’m only going to talk about legal ways of doing this and the information is probably only valid for the United Kingdom. I’m not being paid by any of the companies I mention.

So you want to watch a movie and you’re probably spoilt for choice about how to go about this. Here are my favourite methods:

1. The Cinema.

Fairly obvious, huh? However this is becoming increasingly expensive and that’s without buying a tonne of crap from the concession stand.

I am in possession of a Cineworld Unlimited card. I have fallen out of love with the Cineworld franchise ever since they introduced allocated seating, in particular star seating (a con, in my opinion).

It’s a shame that they’re the only UK chain to have a scheme like this, otherwise I’d be so gone.

This is a marriage of convenience so I continue to watch at least two movies a month this way so that I get my money’s worth.

2. The Art House

If you live in an urban area, you’re likely to have at least one. This is a great way to watch non mainstream movies and it’s usually cheaper than most cinemas if you’re willing to wait to watch the new releases.

3. Television

I don’t watch much TV (I only have Freeview myself) but Film4 is a channel to keep an eye on. However, as a commercial channel you also have to put up with adverts. This is why the BBC is my main source of TV movie watching.

4. BBC iPlayer

On that note, their online service is bloody brilliant for this purpose. Films have their own section and you can watch these at your own convenience. Downside is that titles are usually only up for about seven days at a time.

5. Lovefilm

Or whatever Amazon’s calling it these days. This is how I rent movies. The format’s increasingly becoming obsolete but I’m likely to continue as long as it’s available.

6. Amazon Instant Video

Why do I subscribe to this instead of Netflix I hear you cry? Quite simply because I continued with the service when Amazon absorbed Lovefilm. It serves me well enough for now. Maybe I’ll switch in the future.

7. YouTube

This is a great resource for watching public domain movies. You can also watch original material if you’re up for that.

8. Snagfilms

A website that specialises in independent movies. The movies do have commercial breaks but not as much as you’d find on a commercial TV channel. It can be temperamental getting it to stream.

I’ve missed out other services such as Blinkbox, Mubi, BFI player and iTunes. This is because I haven’t made use of them yet, although I do have a small library on Blinkbox.

So, this is it really. Let me know if I’ve missed out on any services and I hope this has helped.

From The Back Of The Queue

One of the ways I watch movies is through my Amazon Instant Video (RIP LoveFilm) subscription. I’m not enamoured with the browsing features offered and I think they should have kept the format that LoveFilm (RIP) had.

Anyway, one thing I’m doing is sorting by production year group. Then as the default sort is by popularity, I’ll go to the last page and select the least popular one that I haven’t seen yet.

I’ve discovered some turds but I’ve also enjoyed others.

You should try it. Tell me if you do.