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Allocated Seating

Cineworld Cinemas.

It’s been a long relationship. I was with you back in the days you were UGC.

We’ve had our ups and downs however, we stuck together mostly due to the benefits the Unlimited Card offered.

But something happened.

The CEO changed and imposed allocated seating in all locations. Big mistake.

The old system (free seating) worked just fine. Us regulars turned up early or on time and always got decent seats. The latecomers would have to deal with whatever was left.

And now you’ve implemented a system that only benefits the casual cinema goer, the type that loves to turn up 15 minutes into the film.

The staff aren’t ¬†happy, the customers aren’t happy and yet you fail to listen to us.

Any complaint is dealt with a copy and pasted response about how great allocated seating is.


Care to release any figures as to how many Unlimited Cardholders have cancelled their subscriptions? Care to compare this number to the amount of new subscriptions? I bet it’s embarrassing.

You fail to recognise that I have a choice of venues and can go to any of these instead of you.

You fail to recognise that I can legally view online quite recent releases and that I can certainly wait a few months to do this.

You fail to recognise how unhappy you’ve made your regulars.

You fail to recognise that in addition to my monthly fee, I also spend money at your kiosks.

You fail to recognise you’ve taken out the fun and spontaneity out of improvised cinema trips.


But by all means, have it your way.


Any business that ignores its core customers is doomed to fail. I’ll be sorry to see you go but let’s face it, you didn’t give a damn so why should I?