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Box Set Completed: Trilogy Of The Dead

I’d been wanting to see Night Of The Living Dead for some time now; it’s part of the 1001 Movies list I’m working my way through.  As I got my hands on this box set I decided to watch them all.

Night Of The Living Dead was somewhat of a disappointment. I understand its importance in cinematic history but throughout I felt like I was watching a student movie.

Dawn Of The Dead was the only movie here I’d seen before. It’s my favourite of the lot and the only one I have any real time for.

Day Of The Dead is a bad movie, in my opinion. I didn’t like it at all and was bored for most of it.

And this is what doesn’t make sense to me. I love horror and quite enjoy zombie movies but not from the guy who pioneered them.


Box Set Completed: Universal Monsters

Let me tell you a brief story. A few years ago, I was in Birmingham for a weekend away with friends. At some point we ended up in the Bullring and of course we ended up in HMV. There, I saw a DVD box set with all the Universal Monsters for £10. Which I didn’t buy. And regretted.

Fast forward a couple of years and I find out that the box set is being released on Blu Ray (yay!) and that my other half will be buying that as part of my Christmas present (double yay!).

It’s taken a while to work my way through the box set and I can’t recommend it highly enough. This is a must buy if you love classic horror.

The transfer work is also quite impressive, job well done.


Series Completed: Ringu

I first watched Ringu about 10 years ago and I loved it but never got round to watching the sequel and the prequel.


I noticed Ringu 2 and Ringu 0 were on Amazon Instant Video so I decided to check them out. I got hold of a copy of Ringu to refresh my memory.

As complete story, it’s all quite good. On an individual basis, only the original truly stands out for me.

Box Set Completed: Hannibal Lecter

For completion purposes, I also watched Manhunter and Hannibal Rising.

I’ve always loved The Silence Of The Lambs, ever since I saw it at the cinema way back in 1991. This remains the stand out movie in the series.

I must admit to preferring Red Dragon over Manhunter (which I enjoyed).

Hannibal’s definitely the middle child here. Hannibal Rising was a disappointment.

Hannibal Lecter’s still one of my favourite villains and I’m sure I’ll watch most of these, if not all, relatively soon.

Box Set Completed: Carry On


I only have myself to blame, really. I bought the box set as a Christmas present for OH.

As per usual, we set ourselves with the task of working our way through. Literally. This was hard work.

I really struggled with many of the titles contained within. Anachronistic was a recurring word that sprung to mind during the year and a half it took us to watch them all. We even obtained Carry On Columbus for completion purposes (you live and you learn, I guess) which was atrocious.

Apart from a couple of titles, namely Don’t Lose Your Head and Screaming, I doubt I’ll watch this again.

Box Set Completed – Jurassic Park


I’d seen the first two years ago upon their respective releases. The first one I thought was okay at the time; the second one I didn’t like. After the recent passing of Richard Attenborough, OH and I decided to watch Jurassic Park in tribute. Of course, we had to complete the box set because that’s what we do.

I still think the first one’s average. I now consider JP2 to be a disappointment.  JP3 is just okay.

I won’t be in a rush to watch these again.