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Top 10 Food Movies

My 10 favourite movies about food, in alphabetical order:



Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

Eat Drink Man Woman

Fried Green Tomatoes

Julie & Julia

Like Water For Chocolate

Mostly Martha

The Last Supper

Woman On Top

Top 10 Almodovar Movies

I was originally going to do top 10 Spanish movies. When compiling my list, I realised that there were at least 4 Almodovar films contending.

So I’ve scrapped my original list for now and in its place here are my Top 10 Almodovar movies in alphabetical order:

Atame (Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!)

Carne Tremula (Live Flesh)

La Ley Del Deseo (Law Of Desire)

La Mala Educacion (Bad Education)

La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In)

Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces)

Los Amantes Pasajeros (I’m So Excited!)

Tacones Lejanos (High Heels)

Todo Sobre Mi Madre (All About My Mother)


Top 10 Silent Movies

I love silent movies, it’s like entering another world whenever I watch one. I enjoy seeking out new ones to watch.

I’ve excluded short silent movies from this list and as usual, it’s in alphabetical order:

The Artist

Battleship Potemkin

City Lights

Eternal Love



The Passion of Joan of Arc


Les Vampires


Vampire Movies

I love a good horror movie. I particularly love a good vampire movie.

And let’s get this out there right now: real vampires don’t sparkle. There.

I’ve loved all things vampire ever since I read Dracula at the tender age of 12-13.

So without further ado, here are a few of my favourite vampire movies in alphabetical order:

Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Dracula 2000

The Hunger

The Lost Boys


Only Lovers Left Alive

Shadow of the Vampire



Which ones do you think I’ve left out? Let me know.

Top 10 Travel Movies

My top 10 movies with a theme about travel, in alphabetical order:

  1. Amelie
  2. Before Sunrise
  3. Lost In Translation
  4. Pot Luck
  5. Stealing Beauty
  6. Thelma & Louise
  7. The Darjeeling Limited
  8. The Motorcycle Diaries
  9. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
  10. Until The End Of The World

Top 10 Films Of My Youth

A little thing I did a while back on Letterboxd. The top 10 movies that shaped my childhood and teenage years, in alphabetical order:

  1. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1988)
  2. The Black Hole (1979)
  3. Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)
  4. Flashdance (1983)
  5. Flash Gordon (1980)
  6. Grease (1978)
  7. Heathers (1988)
  8. Pretty In Pink (1986)
  9. Smokey And The Bandit II (1980)
  10. Star Wars (1977)