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My Bad Film Club Experience

Years after discovering Bad Film Club, I just went to my very first screening. I’m never able to attend because of work commitments; this time catches me on a long weekend off.

The film under scrutiny was Speed 2: Cruise Control.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect but soon enough, sweets were passed around as the film commenced.

The hosts, Nicko and Joe, run a live commentary throughout which adds an extra layer (shall we say) to the experience. It certainly made a tedious movie bearable especially when loads of ridiculous stuff was pointed out. Literally. They use laser pointers.

It made for a fun night and I’ll be back as soon as I’m able to.

Venue: Chapter Arts, Cardiff

Bad Film Club:



Movies. Women. Film.

It can be tough being a female movie fan. I should know, I’ve been one all my life.

There’s an expectation that you should only like certain genres. People assume you must love Dirty Dancing and The Notebook; I don’t.

When people discuss the latest blockbuster, for example, I find that my opinion “doesn’t matter” and I’m largely ignored. Certain folk just cannot fathom the fact I can enjoy a Sci-Fi or comic book movie. For the record, I love Sci-Fi. Love it.

It’s not all bad though, there are respectful peeps out there with whom I can enjoy in depth discussions of whatever’s current in the movie world.

Let me make one thing abundantly clear: my gender has no bearing in appreciating movies, understanding them or analysing them.

It occurs to me I should start a series celebrating women’s achievements in film. This will be for future posts.

I’ll leave you with some statistics in the meantime:

Women across the top grossing films of 2014:
1.9% – Directed by women
18.9% – Produced by women
21% – Had a female lead
11.2% – Had female writers


Definitely time to start recognising women in film.

Recommend Me A Movie!

So you build up a reputation at work as a movie buff and people start asking for your opinion on all things film.

At some point, you’ll get the dreaded questions: What essential movies do I need to see?

Or worse.

Recommend me a classic?


You see, this lays upon you a burden of unforeseen depths and a huge responsibility.

Do you get all pretentious and offer a list of greatest films that you know full well won’t be enjoyed by a novice viewer or do you compile a list of movies you think they’ll enjoy and perhaps encourage them to seek out more movies?

Here’s the thing. A film like The Godfather (which I love) isn’t perhaps the best choice for someone looking to get into the classics. It is three hours long and there are many others with a shorter running time just as enjoyable.

There’s a key word for you: joy.

It should be a pleasure to watch a movie and not a task. You need find something that supposes little to no effort and is also readily available.

I’m also thinking erring on the side of caution and not mentioning movies not in the English language.

So, I think this may call for a proper list or a top 10 and this will suppose a challenge.

Part two to follow in blog post near you.

Maybe just leave that Satantango recommendation just for now…

Academy Awards Post Mortem

It’s few days on and all the Oscar talk is disappearing from the media.

Of course, this is where I offer a few thoughts. So here goes:

Chris Rock – he’s done it again. Dealt with the #OscarsSoWhite issue magnificently.

Spectre – worst Bond song to win an award.

Jenny Beavan – not giving a shit about convention and letting her body of work do the talking.

Lady Gaga – such a powerful performance. Not a dry eye in the house and rightly so.

Mad Max: Fury Road – great to see the outsider win so many awards.

Dave Grohl – subdued performance which perfectly suited the In Memoriam section.

Leonardo Di Caprio – how to win an Oscar for grunting and frothing at the mouth.

Alicia Vikander – should have won for Ex Machina.

Beasts Of No Nation – criminally overlooked.

Brie Larson – you’re welcome.

Summer Excitement

So we’re gearing towards the end of July and this thought has dawned upon me:

There’s been a distinct lack of must-see summer movies this season. And I’ve seen them as they’ve been released, from Avengers Age of Ultron right up to Ant-Man this weekend.

I haven’t been feeling any real excitement in relation to this year’s line up.

Anyone with me on this?

The only blockbuster I’m actually excited for is The Force Awakens but that’s not out until Christmas. So that’s out of season.

Thanks to Comic-Con, I now need to see Suicide Squad. And there’s always Batman vs Superman as well.

But this year?

Not so much.