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Box Set Completed: The Matrix

A very lazy weekend called for a box set view. This time, The Matrix.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the sequels however, I’ve always loved the original.

I also saw The Animatrix for the first time, a great companion piece. Couldn’t tell you which story I liked the most, though.

I’d still like to see other stories from this universe.

Box Set Completed: Toy Story

I first saw Toy Story back in the day when it was released and hated it. You couldn’t have paid me to see it again.

Subsequently, I avoided all things Toy Story from that point on.

Of course, all three bloody movies had to be features on 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die… great. For completion purposes ( I have set myself the task of seeing them all) and with the assistance of my OH, I sat down to watch them.

So, twenty years have calmed my vitriol but are they movies I’ll happily rewatch anytime soon? Maybe not.

Box Set Completed: Rossellini’s War Trilogy

Of course I was aware of Roberto Rossellini but it wasn’t until this year that I’d seen any of his work. The War Trilogy fell into my hands (two movies on it are part of my 1001 film challenge) and of course I watched it.
Rome, Open City

When I learned how the movie was made in secret during the Nazi occupation, I really wanted to watch it. You can’t really tell when watching, this doesn’t distract from amazing storytelling going on.


I knew absolutely nothing about this one. To be honest, I struggeled the most with this movie. A couple of weeks have passed since the viewing and I can barely remember anything about it.

Germany, Year Zero

For a short (ish) movie, this certainly packs a punch. A look at the effects the defeat had on the Berliner population, all through the eyes of a twelve year old boy. Not one to censor himself, Rossellini deals with themes such as pedophilia and patricide.


I would definitely recommend these movies, especially if you have an interest in World War II.

Series Completed: Mad Max

In anticipation of the release of Fury Road, I set out to watch the original trilogy.

It’s been on my radar for a while, especially as Mad Max is on the 1001 challenge list.

So I sit down and… I’m not impressed. At all.

Mad Max seems to build up to the climax forever. Not a lot of bang for your buck.

This brings me to The Road Warrior – where the whole of the first movie is covered in the opening scene! Bang! Didn’t need to see that!

Although a far superior movie, it still doesn’t amount to that much.

The less said about Thunderdome, the better. What a waste of time. And Tina, babes, heart you muchly but you can’t act so please don’t.

I did love the song at the end. With the credits rolling.

With all this, you may understand how sceptical I was when I went to see Fury Road.


This was a different kettle of fish.

A little bit of exposition and away we go!

It’s practically a non-stop chase through the desert, just what the doctor ordered.

The casting’s superb (love Tom Hardy), great story and very entertaining.

Highly recommended.

Box Set Completed: Trilogy Of The Dead

I’d been wanting to see Night Of The Living Dead for some time now; it’s part of the 1001 Movies list I’m working my way through.  As I got my hands on this box set I decided to watch them all.

Night Of The Living Dead was somewhat of a disappointment. I understand its importance in cinematic history but throughout I felt like I was watching a student movie.

Dawn Of The Dead was the only movie here I’d seen before. It’s my favourite of the lot and the only one I have any real time for.

Day Of The Dead is a bad movie, in my opinion. I didn’t like it at all and was bored for most of it.

And this is what doesn’t make sense to me. I love horror and quite enjoy zombie movies but not from the guy who pioneered them.


Box Set Completed: Universal Monsters

Let me tell you a brief story. A few years ago, I was in Birmingham for a weekend away with friends. At some point we ended up in the Bullring and of course we ended up in HMV. There, I saw a DVD box set with all the Universal Monsters for £10. Which I didn’t buy. And regretted.

Fast forward a couple of years and I find out that the box set is being released on Blu Ray (yay!) and that my other half will be buying that as part of my Christmas present (double yay!).

It’s taken a while to work my way through the box set and I can’t recommend it highly enough. This is a must buy if you love classic horror.

The transfer work is also quite impressive, job well done.