Movie Rants: Kubrick

According to Letterboxd, I’ve seen 9 or 53% of Kubrick’s movies.

Does this make me an authority on his movies? Certainly not!

However, as in life my cinematic tastes are subjective.

Now, if you care to look around and a quick Google search will help you out here, then you’ll see tonnes of posts full of praise and admiration. Perhaps if you’ve stumbled across this post in a search, then maybe that’s not what you’re looking for.

So, a significant constant here is praise. And it’s a cult-like praise – do not dare utter a bad word about the master!

This is precisely my issue with Kubrick.

It gets cultish and not in a good way.

A fundamental for me is that movies need to entertain. It can be 8 minutes long or 8 hours long; lighthearted or intense – that doesn’t matter. If I’m not transported and entertained then the movie fails it’s fundamental purpose.

Just tell me a story, dammit. I don’t need long and lingering shots in every sequence. The slow pace with sometimes minimal dialogue, that’s just annoying.