Thoughts On Jurassic World

In August last year, I watched the Jurassic Park box set and had this to say about it:

So whilst there was excitement all around me when I sat down to watch Jurassic World, I had few expectations.

I liked this one the best out of all the series.

It suffers from less sentimentality than the Spielberg original. This is a good thing for me.

Have you ever been the Florida theme parks? You’ll recognise quite a few imageries throughout the movie.

I liked the cast, the music (this week’s earworm), the dinosaurs (duh). I thought the story was the most solid of the lot.

I loved the Asylum bits – clearly not intentional but great for my enjoyment.

I think it could have been a bit shorter; it felt longer than its running time.

No surprises this is a huge hit and most people will love it.

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