Can A Rewatch Sway An Opinion?

There are some films that you watch once and think ‘never again’. Sometimes this is a good thing, it’s just that the movie was too intense to watch again. A good example of this is Irreversible. A brilliant film, just not one I’m in any rush to see again.

There are others that you do not want to see again because you hated them.

And here is where my experiment comes in. I’m going to rewatch a few of these films to see if time and distance improves on a bad memory.

I have a few movies in mind, the first one I’m going to watch is Dirty Dancing. I can’t stand it and I hate the cult following it has.

Now, I’m not going to buy a copy so Dirty Dancing will have to happen to me. I might ask some colleagues if I can borrow it, maybe.

So sometime in the near future, I’ll post again on this subject having watched Dirty Dancing. Eek.